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1. Application

1.1. By going to this website, reading documents, downloading files, accessing the site in any other manner and/or making use thereof in any other manner, you signify your agreement to the following terms and conditions and undertake to comply with these. These are the only valid terms, to the exclusion of any others.

2. Amazing Products

2.1. This website is operated by n.v. Amazing Products, whose registered office is situated at Boomgaarddreef 9, 2900 Schoten, Belgium and whose company registration number is 0432.600.303 (hereinafter known as “Amazing Products” for short).

3. Access

3.1. The present site can be accessed by up-to-date computers on which standard software is installed (browser, operating system, etc). However, Amazing Products does not warrant any compatibility whatsoever and may in no way be held liable if you are unable for any reason at all to access and/or use (part of) the present site.

3.2. The present site is offered for purposes of information. You are only entitled to access this website and its content for personal purposes. Any commercial use of this website is strictly forbidden.

3.3. It is strictly forbidden to attempt, in any way whatsoever and by any technical means whatsoever, to procure access to parts that are not publicly put online. It is also strictly forbidden to change the present site, adapt it, add or remove things to/from it, in any way whatsoever and using any technical means whatsoever.

3.4. You undertake not to perform any act whatsoever, irrespective of the technical means used, that at any time might jeopardise the proper operation of the present site in any way whatsoever.

4. Intellectual property rights

4.1. The concept, content, layout, structure, source code, programming, images, photographs, animations, audiovisual works, texts, data, music and all other components of the present website are and shall remain the exclusive property of Amazing Products and are protected by various intellectual property rights (including copyright, trademark rights, the sui generis right of the producer of a database, etc), which you acknowledge and accept. By going to this site you do not acquire any right whatsoever thereto.

4.2. Total or partial reproduction, dissemination, sale, distribution, publication, adaptation and/or use of this website and its content in any form and in any manner whatsoever is strictly forbidden. Storage of any information and/or part of this site in an (electronic) database or otherwise is not allowed, with the exception of automatic 'caching' of information by the browser.

4.3. If and when Amazing Products allows the opportunity to put particular data, texts, images and/or other files online, you automatically give Amazing Products, free of charge, exclusive permission to reproduce, share and/or otherwise use the content of your post both on this website and in the publications issued by Amazing Products.

4.4. Amazing Products bears responsibility for the intellectual property rights of third parties. Amazing Products has thus, to the best of its ability, obtained the necessary permission from the persons entitled to files of whatever nature (text, photographs, music, images, etc). Contact us if you consider that you have any right to a file that appears on this site without you having given your permission so that we can find a solution to the matter.

5. Liability

5.1. General. Access to, and use of, the present website, of any nature whatsoever and with any technical means whatsoever, takes place on your own responsibility. Amazing Products may not overall be held liable to the user and/or third parties for possible loss suffered by them of any nature whatsoever (direct, indirect, consequential, etc), including loss of profit, loss of data, loss of opportunity and any other loss whatsoever caused by its neglect or forgetfulness in the setting-up, operation and presentation of this site, including all its components, even if Amazing Products was warned of the existence of particular problems and/or the possible damage to the user and/or third party.

5.2. Availability. Amazing Products uses its best endeavours to ensure that this site is available to a normal number of users at all times. However, Amazing Products shall be entitled to suspend or shut down this website, totally or partly, at any time, even without prior warning. Amazing Products cannot be held liable for any loss and/or damage of any nature whatsoever that may be suffered because of suspension, interruptions, (technical) malfunctions, delays, difficulty of access, inaccessibility and/or the termination of (part of) the present site.

5.3. Data. Amazing Products uses its best endeavours to ensure that the data and documents that form part of this site are complete, accurate and up to date. However, errors and/or omissions and/or obsolete data cannot be ruled out and consequently Amazing Products is unable to offer any warranty whatsoever in this respect. Neither may Amazing Products be held in any way liable in the event of damage and/or loss, of any nature whatsoever, arising from the use, accessing and/or downloading of any component of the present site. Neither can Amazing Products be held liable in any way for any loss, of any nature whatsoever, that may arise from decisions that you make on the basis of any data and/or information on the present site.

5.4. Tips & tricks. This site contains a number of “tips & tricks” on, among other things, the use of the products sold by Amazing Products. These “tips & tricks” have been put together by Amazing Products to the best of its ability on the basis of its experience and the knowledge available to it. However, you at all times apply these at your own risk without it being possible to hold Amazing Products liable in any way whatsoever for the consequences thereof. 

5.5. Links. The present site includes links to other sites. These sites are not under Amazing Products’ control and are not necessarily recommended or approved by Amazing Products. Neither does Amazing Products check whether the content of these sites has changed. It is up to you to decide for yourself whether it is appropriate for you to visit these sites. Amazing Products cannot be held liable for the content or proper operation of external sites to which reference is made or for any detrimental consequences that may arise from accessing and/or use in any way whatsoever of those sites.

5.6. Virus. Although Amazing Products uses its best endeavours to keep the present website free of viruses, Trojan horses and spyware, it cannot be ruled out that these may nevertheless occur. Amazing Products may in no way be held liable for any damage and/or loss arising therefrom. Amazing Products advises you most seriously always to install the requisite firewall, antivirus and other protective software in order to avoid any possible injury to your computer. Should you observe the presence of one of the aforementioned items in the present site, you are invited to inform the webmaster of it so that the necessary action can be taken.

5.7. Data traffic. Sending particular data such as emails, personal data, credit card numbers, etc, always takes place at your own risk. Amazing Products uses its best endeavours to ensure that the transfer of this data takes place in a secure manner but may not in any way be held liable for any damage that may arise from the loss of particular data and/or the interception of that data by a third party. Amazing Products very seriously advises you to install the requisite software to deal with this and always to be very cautious in the use and communication of your personal data.

6. Cookies

6.1. The present website uses ‘cookies’, which are small pieces of information sent to your browser by this site in order to identify returning users and are written to the user’s hard disk for this purpose. This avoids you keeping having to identify yourself in order to been able to use particular services. Amazing Products reserves the right to use these cookies to offer you a personalised version of the present website.

6.2. If you wish to remove these cookies, you must consult your browser’s manual. You are free to turn this option off in your browser. It may be that in that case you are able to access and/or use certain parts of this only partly or not at all.

7. Personal privacy

7.1. The personal data that Amazing Products collects (for example when registering on the website) are subject to section 4 § 1 of the Personal Privacy Protection Act of 8 December 1992. They will be included in a file that can be passed to third parties and/or can be used for internal purposes and/or for direct mailing.

7.2. Certain information is also collected in so-called ‘log-files’, which, among other things, allow Amazing Products to analyse the traffic to this site and the profile of its users. Amazing Products reserves the right to communicate this data to third parties.

7.3. You always have free access to the data relating to you in order that you may ask for it be corrected and/or deleted as necessary.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1. Hyperlinks. Hyperlinks and/or deeplinks to the present website are only permitted once permission for them has been received from Amazing Products. In any event, once you have received permission, every link must always point to the home page of the present website.

8.2. Spam. Amazing Products does not send any spam. If you receive an e-mail or a news letter from Amazing Products, attach it to your question or request. If you still receive unwanted e-mails from Amazing Products, you can report it here and we will then do whatever is necessary to ensure that you receive no more e-mails as quickly as possible.

8.3. RSS-Feeds. We would refer you to the specific page for RSS Feeds, which you can find here.

8.4. Contributions. If the facility to post contributions of any kind (posts, tips, links, messages, wanted ads, reactions, announcements, discussions in forums, chats, etc.) is offered on this site, the following rules shall apply.

Amazing Products reserves the right to suspend and/or end these services wholly or in part immediately and without prior notice. Amazing Products cannot be held liable for any loss that may arise thereby.

Since these contributions are the work of third parties, Amazing Products cannot in any way be held liable for any loss that may thereby arise, or for any errors in their content. All texts, data, photographs, videos, messages and other material contained in such contributions are the sole responsibility of the person from whom that data emanates.

If you place a contribution of any kind whatsoever, or any other form of information, data and/or opinion, on this site, you thereby undertake to use solely information (images, photos,...) that does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties (copyright, right of depiction, ...), or conflict with standards or public decency, or with any other statutory provision. You also expressly indemnify Amazing Products against any charge or action emanating from third parties as a result of the content of whatever you have placed on this site.

9. Final provisions

9.1. Invalidity. This disclaimer is separable. Hence a declaration of voidness of one or more of its provisions shall not in any respect affect the validity of the other provisions. If any part of this disclaimer is found to be excessively wide, then, notwithstanding that fact, the provision shall be enforceable to the maximum extent permitted by the law. If any part of this disclaimer is regarded as totally void, Amazing Products shall replace it by a provision that approaches the economic effect of the provision found to be void as closely as possible.

9.2. Competent court. Any dispute of any nature whatsoever that may arise from access to and/or use of the present site is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Antwerp Court District.

9.3. Applicable law. Only Belgian law shall apply.

9.4. Disclaimer This disclaimer may be amended without prior warning depending on changes in the law. You are asked to check regularly whether any changes have been made, and if so, which. Changes shall become effective as soon as they are made known on the website.

9.5. Questions. If you have any questions about the present disclaimer you can always send an e-mail to or write to Amazing Products n.v., Boomgaarddreef 9, 2900 Schoten, Belgium. Tel: 03/669.61.67 – fax : 03/669.93.27.


The present version came into force on 14 May 2009. © 2009 Amazing Products. All rights expressly reserved.

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