Our Story


The origins of the ProNails brand go 30 back years. In 1981, Catherine Claus founded the first Belgian manufacturing company specialised in the supply of professional nail care products. Strong entrepreneurship and creativity made the company grow into a leading name in the European nail care industry.


In 2009 Catherine Claus brought in Paul Parein as partner and new CEO of the company. Under Paul’s leadership, the company focused on product innovation, sales expansion and strategic future direction.




Today the company employs around 100 people and exports its ProNails brand to 45 countries through independent distribution partners. The worldwide headquarters is located in Brasschaat, North-East Antwerp, with two wholly owned subsidiaries in Paris (France) and Barneveld (the Netherlands).


Formerly branded “Professionails” – and today re-branded “ProNails” – the company partners up with professional nail stylists to make many consumers’ dreams come true: beautiful hands. In-depth training and quality products for nail care and strengthening such as Pro Nature, Gellak, Perfection and Sopolish are the brand’s differentiating assets. A perfect feel for fashion today and tomorrow with matching colours and great care are the brand’s added value.


The seasonal publication of our Naily News Magazine has become a true reference for beauty professionals around the world, seeking new trends, techniques and product developments. And our international training academy delivers the highest standard of education in our industry.


ProNails is that perfect match between quality, reliability, excitement and fun.


The future is bright and we are delighted to welcome you into the world of ProNails.

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